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Part of a community sharing a passion for sports

You probably know Bonzi as the company dedicated to making it easy to run a great sports program. “Bonzi” is also our company’s best friend and mascot – a friendly white lab symbolizing the dedication, energy and dependability that guides us every day.

Reinventing Sports Management

Our story begins with a volunteer who raised their hand, a box of paper dropped in their lap and countless hours running a sports organization. Like so many others volunteering in our communities, this experience inspired a search for a better way. A vision for what could be has now become reality.

In 2000, we began a journey of revolutionizing how sports organizations run. With a passion for sports, a dose of technical savvy and the drive to make life easier for volunteers, we created Bonzi. Understanding the importance of combining both online technology and a “user centered” support experience, we set the standard for serving sports organizations in both the US and Canada.

Leading the Industry – Building a Connected Sports Community

Millions of members later, Bonzi is the go-to solution for sports management. Working hand-in-hand with volunteers, registrars, administrators, coaches and players, we understand and know exactly what our clients need to do their job easily and effectively. We’ve used this knowledge and experience to continue our journey and realize our vision for bringing our clients an all-in-one, web-based technology that gives them a better way to run a great organization.

Bonzi continues to build and support an ever-growing community of people and organizations that care about sports and their communities. Our journey continues as we learn about the needs of our clients and we continue to ask ourselves, “What would make their jobs easier?”

The answer: connect everyone who needs to work together so they can share information and data, and communicate instantly. Using the Bonzi connected sports community everyone from players, parents, and coaches to administrators, volunteers, and referees can share and communicate creating less work and better results for everyone involved.

“We’ve got your back” Bonzi Support

Early on we realized that the most important thing we could provide to our clients was our own expertise in running a sports organization. With that in mind, we built a client support team that’s the best in the business: We are coaches, registrars, board members, players, and busy, working parents. We know how sports leagues operate, and how to make the job of running them easy.

Because we know that support is key to running a successful program, every Bonzi client gets free, unlimited support, by phone, email, or chat. That’s why we call it “We’ve got your back” Bonzi Support.

“Bonzi sports software makes running our clubs easy. They are responsive and listen when we have ideas and request something new in the software. We really feel like they are on ‘our team’.”
Mike Kemp, District Commissioner, TVYFL

Bonzi Protects Your Privacy

As a family company we understand the concerns about online privacy, especially when it comes to your kids. That’s why we’re dedicated to protecting your and your kids’ privacy online.


We take great lengths to protect your information and privacy. Bonzi will never sell or share your children’s information and we don’t track our members’ online activities.

Money is also deposited directly into your bank account – not ours. By the way, we also do not store credit card numbers in our system and your password is safely encrypted. Not even we can view it!

For more information, see our Privacy Protection page.

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