When designing a new website for large sport associations there is a unique challenge. The biggest challenge in designing these websites is to keep the content organized for the website visitors to be able to easily access information. Sport associations often offer several different programs so it is critical to organize information on the homepage clearly for website visitors to not get overwhelmed.  With Bonzi’s Pro Design websites we solve these problems for organizations by keeping information on the homepage clear and simple, while providing a professional look to portray a great image in your community.

“Knowing how important it is for communication of what is going on in and around your soccer club, we’ve rebuilt our site to make it much easier to find the information you need or direct you where to find it.” – Deptford Soccer Association

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Deptford Soccer Association

This large New Jersey soccer club not only wanted to enhance their image of their organization, but also make it easy for their members to find programs that are right for their children.  Working with Deptford Soccer Association, Bonzi created a homepage that quickly guides members to the programs they want and allows their individual program managers to create mini websites for each program. The new design eliminates confusion and makes it easy for program managers to maintain their area of the web site. Also notable on the homepage is a customized slider displaying several sponsors for the Deptford Soccer Association.

Before Bonzi’s web design

Deptford Before

After Bonzi’s web design

Deptford After

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