Little League District Administrator Shares His Experiences With Bonzi

Recently we were able to catch up with the District Administrator for Washington State District 1 Little League. This growing district offers programs to youth baseball and softball players in the Snohomish County, Seattle area. As a district, they use Bonzi to host their public facing website and to centralize communication for their leagues. Washington District 1 exemplifies the vision at Bonzi of a connected sports organization. Each of the 13 leagues in Washington District 1 have their own Bonzi Club & League management system for their organization. The club and league management tools allow all league administrators to manage their individual leagues, while easily reporting their information up to their district administrators via Bonzi’s connected products. Check out what Mr. Lundberg had to say about Bonzi’s connectivity below!


“District 1 Little League in Washington State has been working very closely with Bonzi for several years. As the District Administrator I was initially impressed with their professionalism, organization and communication. After having an opportunity to meet personally with them I was convinced that utilizing the Bonzi format was just the tool we needed to improve our District’s ability to communicate. Surprisingly, I underestimated all that Bonzi could provide to our leagues and District.

It was a goal of our district to centralize our communication and registration. Once we decided to go with Bonzi, all leagues were contacted and personalized league accounts were established. It was from this point we as a District realized the power that was being offered to us. We had the ability to communicate with all families collectively or specific groups. We could coordinate and centralize all common language and league divisions in established interleague schedules. We had the ability to help and assist league Player Agents monitor ages, establish divisions and monitor league numbers. Leagues in turn recognized that through Bonzi we were all looking at the same data. It was with this in mind that we were able to offer our expertise in guiding and providing recommendations to league Presidents and Player Agents.

Bonzi, in my mind has revolutionized the way we as a District interact with the local leagues. We are far more effective in our communication and ability to support the local leadership. I am thankful to Bonzi for their vision to be Little League friendly. They offer a friendly and effective support system and are always willing to help resolve difficult situations. They are also very interested in listening to our needs. Bonzi has allowed our District and Leagues to be more streamlined so that we can focus less on administrative work and more on impacting our young athletes.”



Ed Lundberg

District 1 Administrator

Washington State Little League

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