One Simple Trick to Get the Volunteers You Need

Part of Bonzi’s educational series for sports clubs & leagues

PROBLEM: As a volunteer-run organization, you are constantly looking for people who can help you manage your organization.
You may need to recruit board members with particular skills or backgrounds, get help with a special short-term project, or find someone who will consult with you or just give advice. But how do you know who is available to help, who has the skill to help, and how to reach them?

What if – like magic – you had a list of volunteers, their skills, and how they want to volunteer?

SOLUTION: It’s not magic, but there’s one easy trick that will help you find your perfect volunteers!

Add the following question(s) to the parent (or adult player) section of your online registration form:

1. What special skills, knowledge or talent do you have that you might be willing to share to help our club/league/association by giving advice or participating in short-term projects?

Consider using a pull down list so your members can choose their skill and you can report easily on skill types.

For example, a list might include:

Accounting, Advertising, Catering, Construction, Donations and Fundraising, Event Management, Graphic Design, Grant Writing, Legal, Marketing, Project Management, Volunteer Recruiting, and Other (Please Specify).

For the “Other” selection, make sure to provide a field where the member can write in their special skill.

2. Would you be willing to help us longer term (perhaps as a board member), short term on special projects, or just provide consulting?

3. Ask “Where do you work, or what do you do for a living?”

If you ask this question, explain why you want to know.

IMPORTANT: Make the answers required on your form.

TIP: Always add an option for the volunteer to indicate they cannot help at this time, so they are required to make a selection. You might even consider an option that lets them say,
“I can’t help right now, but call me later.”

Consider an option that allows them to say, “I cannot help right now, but call me later.”

With this information, you’ll have an abundance of talented people in a list at your fingertips who you can contact for help running your organization.

How Can Bonzi Help?

You can use Bonzi’s customizable registration forms to easily add these types of questions, which will be available online when your members register online for your sports programs. When you are ready to look for volunteers to help, use Bonzi’s Report Wizard to create a report that gives you the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and answers to the questions that you asked during registration.

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About the Author

Amy Pate has been a board member, administrator, and parent in sports clubs for over 15 years.
She is a co-founder and CEO of Bonzi, a leading provider of software and services for sports officials, teams, clubs, leagues, and governing bodies across the U.S. and Canada.